What is Amarna?

Amarna is a modern name for an ancient site created by the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten around 1350 BCE. Akhenaten sought to bring about change through religion. The way he did this teaches us something about the history and nature of religion in society.

Amarna stands for two things.

Firstly, Amarna was the sacred place for the sun god, the Aten. Akhenaten gave it the name Akhet-Aten, which means ?The Horizon of the Aten?. In his own words (carved into the cliffs of Amarna) ?I shall make Akhet-Aten for the Aten, my father, in this place?.

Secondly, Amarna was a city of Akhenaten?s subjects, numbering several tens of thousands. It is the largest exposed town or city to have survived from ancient Egypt. There is no other place like it. From extensive archaeological research we know a great deal about it. Amarna therefore offers a unique opportunity to approach the lives of the ancient Egyptians. Ask yourself, how much do you have in common with them?

Learning about Amarna ? Learning about yourself